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Here you will find a series of articles and photos bringing you the latest news on the 60th anniversary celebrations.

CERN 60 Years Short Film Competition

Are you inspired by CERN or Particle Physics? Have you been impacted in some way by the particle physics performed at CERN? Has it inspired you, confused you, or made you wonder philosophically about our origins?

Do you live near a CERN site or know people who work at CERN? We want to hear from you, and about how CERN and its projects have impacted your life, in whatever form that may be.

We are accepting submissions of short films up to 10 minutes in length. Your film should convey what CERN and its work mean to you!


Show your film during the grand 60th anniversary celebration!

The winning film(s) will be selected by a jury of filmmakers, artists, scientists, and cultural professionals.

They will be projected during the CERN 60th anniversary celebration, on September 29th, 2014.

A selection of the best films will also figure on CERN’s social media, website, and across other platforms.


The deadline is August 31st, 2014.

For full details, see The Full Rules.

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60 more years of science for peace: carrying the message forward

At the end of 2013, we were just about to embark on a year of celebrations marking 60 years of science for peace at CERN. Our message was that science is an inescapable driver of peaceful relations among cultures and nations, a force for sustainability and a necessity in confronting the major challenges facing society today. Twelve months on, we can safely say that we’ve been successful in delivering that message. 

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