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Here you will find a series of articles and photos bringing you the latest news on the 60th anniversary celebrations.

UNESCO: World Science Day for Peace and Development

Established by UNESCO in 2001, World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated worldwide on 10 November every year. The day offers an opportunity to mobilise various partners (scientific and research institutions, the media, science teachers, NGO’s) to highlight the important role of science in society and to engage the wider public in debates on emerging scientific issues and the relevance of science in their daily lives.

This year’s theme is ‘Quality Science Education: ensuring a sustainable future for all’. Different activities will be undertaken to mobilise support for the objectives of the World Science Day for Peace and Development. To get involved in one of the many events around the world, see here.

This year CERN has been celebrating its 60th anniversary with a series of events in Geneva, at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where the CERN Convention was signed, and in its member states. “CERN is delighted to celebrate its 60th anniversary with the United Nations,” says Rolf Heuer, CERN Director-General. “We wish to promote a more effective dialogue between science and international affairs, and to openly exchange views on how science can be more integrated into global and national decision-making processes for the benefit of all.”

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60 more years of science for peace: carrying the message forward

At the end of 2013, we were just about to embark on a year of celebrations marking 60 years of science for peace at CERN. Our message was that science is an inescapable driver of peaceful relations among cultures and nations, a force for sustainability and a necessity in confronting the major challenges facing society today. Twelve months on, we can safely say that we’ve been successful in delivering that message. 

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