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The founding Convention recognized the important role that CERN could play in training Europe’s scientists and engineers. The Laboratory offers a unique environment for training – a rich and stimulating melting pot of people and ideas giving its young people an exceptional opportunity to hone their communication and analytical skills.

As a large accelerator laboratory, CERN relies on expertise in many engineering subjects, all of which feature in the recruitment and training programmes. There are opportunities for students in applied physics, engineering and computing to learn on the job at CERN and for technicians to train in fields at the cutting edge of technology. 

The comprehensive range of training schemes and fellowships attracts many talented young scientists and engineers to the Laboratory. Many go on to find careers in industry, where their experience of working in a high-tech multi-national environment is highly valued. CERN’s education and outreach programmes cover all ages of students and schoolchildren. Of of the 90,000 visitors who come to CERN each year, the majority are high-school pupils. The Laboratory also runs a residential programme for high-school teachers and a summer programme for undergraduate students. For people further on in their careers, CERN organizes highly-regarded schools in particle physics, computing and accelerators.

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